Tuesday, May 8, 2012

iNSD unwind - What I scrapped! CONTEST mentioned

I hope by now you've had a little time to unwind from all the iNSD activities! It was such a fantastic weekend and I was so happy I made time to scrap! I have rarely made time to scrap in the past well, few years it seems. The only time I have scrapped is when I get a free book offer from shutterfly and then I'm a mad scrapping machine trying to get it all done before the offer expires. And that usually leaves me so stressed and hating my pages! I just haven't made time in my schedule for scrapping regularly. But I think after this weekend I am determined to change that! I had forgotten how rejuvenating it can be to get pages done! So here is my new scrap goal!!!! 1 page a week! I think I can handle that! And who knows maybe I will FINALLY make it into 2011's photos! lol!!!

I thought I'd share my pages with you! And I would love for you to do the same. Comment in this post with a link to your most recent favorite page. I'll leave you some love and pick 1 lucky winner to get $5 to my shop! Contest ends 5/11 at 12PM EASTERN.

I can't wait to see your lovely pages!!!!!


  1. My favourite layout I did for NSD is this one:
    But I also love the one I did for your Day in the Life contest :)

  2. My favorite page (so far) is an art journal page to capture how I felt in the middle of my first NSD (both as a shopper and CT promoter)
    WOW - that was fun!

  3. This is a fun idea! I can't believe that I scrapped so many pages AND shopped so much on iNSD this year!

    I think I enjoy this one the most:

    (photo of my friend (the bride)'s mother while we were getting the bride ready)

  4. I did get a lot done over the weekend. I got to do several pages of landscapes that turned out really beautiful, but my favorite is this one of my daughter's 5 year old photos. i did this for Secret Stash's template contest last week. Been playing with these photos since January and finally got to one that doesn't look like a regular JCPenney collage. LOL!


  5. I think my favorite from iNSD was this one of my Dad & late step-mom.


    It will be the title page in the book I am making him for his birthday to honor Kathy's memory (she passed away Good Friday this year). I know what you mean about scrapping madly to make a book printing coupon deadline. Winkflash is running a special on photobooks from now till the 18th & I am hoping to get this one ready to print by then!

  6. iNSD was so fun and I loved your draw it contest
    I had fun making this LO

  7. My favourite iNSD Layout is the one that I did of my Father...I had been wanting to scrap this pic for a few months but was having trouble getting the inspiration to do it, so was pretty pleased that I finally got it done.