Friday, August 2, 2013


Six year ago today I became a mom. This beautiful 6 lb 8 oz little girl came screaming into our world and changed it forever. She filled up pieces of me that I never knew were missing and made me long to be so much better than I ever thought possible.

Over the years she has...

 Filled my days with laughter...


Taught me what it is to feel love for a daughter....

 Reminded me how to delight in the simplicity of life...


Shared in a few tears


Understand more deeply the brevity of this life and that each moment with those we love must be cherished.

Carried me through some very tough times without even knowing it. She has been my bright spot in life. She is filled with endless optimism, joyful song and sticky fingers. She is beautiful beyond measure because of all that she is. God has truly blessed us with her and I'm so proud that she calls me mom.


  1. Beautiful blog post and lovely pictures. Happy Birthday to Meri!

  2. Touching post, and Meri will love to read it one day! Happy 6th Birthday Meri!

  3. Beautiful, Emily. Such memories, lovely memories...

    Happy Birthday to Meri!

  4. How beautiful Emily!! Love everything.... precious pics!! <3

  5. what a beautiful post. I love it!!! :)

  6. What beautiful memories of your baby girl! I love looking at all your pictures of her and you and the family. God has truly blessed us moms with these precious little ones!!