Friday, August 24, 2012

Update on Life

I know I have sort of left this blog and my facebook unattended. Life has been what you might call a little wild and crazy. Mid June on a hunch I decided to take a pregnancy test and lo and behold baby #3 is on the way. Interject that shock with a trip to Houston for a family wedding:
Then several trips to NH to help my Mother-in-Law rennovate their family house:
Then to celebrate my Grandmother in Law's 90th birthday where most of the family flew in from around the world to attend. An amazing weekend!
Then my baby girl turned 5!
And then one more amazing trip to NH to spend time with my cousin and her family whom I had not seen in over 3 years.
I also tried  to fit in some occasional work, spend some quality time with my kids, start to re-organize the house/prepare for baby #3 before I get too big and tired. And to top it off my ulcerative colitis rearing its ugly head. So a return to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which means the lovely headache adjustment period, tiredness and moodiness for several days. And lots of food prep! But hey 4 days in and my stomach feels 1000 times better. Be sure to check back on my blog for some yummy low-carb recipes that I've created while following this diet in the past.

And in less than two weeks my baby girl starts kindergarten. I'm excited for her mostly because she is so ready! And I won't lie I'm a little excited too though I know I will miss her.

So yes, it has been a particularly busy summer and I'm looking forward to hopefully a more relaxed fall where I have more time to work and enjoy the cool fall air and activities. I do have an amazing collab with Suzy Q coming up 8/31. So be on the lookout for that.  Hope you all have had a great summer!

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