Monday, April 16, 2012

Tips for Making p365 Easier on You

Project 365 is a huge undertaking. Basically it is introducing a new habit into your life. And that is no easy feat. Some things that have helped me so far this year:

  1. Cell phone Camera/cheap digital camera
    This has save me on more than one occasion. You want something that is portable and you can keep by your side. I find the camera on my phone works great. I have an android and I am seriously so giddy about the new instagrm app for it. If you don’t have a decent camera on your phone(though most newer models are pretty good) then a cheap little digital camera will do the trick. Many times I have been away from home and found the perfect moment of my day to capture and include in my p365 journey.
  2. Don’t get stuck on having the perfect picture
    There are some days where I take pictures and I absolutely love how my p365 choice came out. I love everything about it. I want to shout from the rooftops in photographic joy! But other days I find my pictures so uninspiring. So I have found that letting go and not trying to get the most amazing picture ever each and every day has really freed me up to keep taking pictures. I start each day in pursuit of that dream picture. Some days it happens but more often than not it doesn’t. But even when it doesn’t there tends to be something else about that picture, the story that it tells or something new I learned about my camera/processing, etc. Most days there is always something that keeps me going.
  3. Feeling uninspired Sometimes I feel uninspired. When this happens there are a few things I do. I think about this day and what typically happens. Do I need to go anywhere(like bible study, pre-k drop-off or pick-up for my daughter, or maybe I need to go to the post office)? Do we always do certain mundane things like when the kids brush their teeth, my little boy watched Thomas the Train while my daughter is at school, maybe I have a funny story about my mail carrier and I want to capture a picture of him dropping off the mail? So I try to compile a list in my head(you could do it on paper or on your computer if you’re super organized). Basically this is how I brain-storm. And then I decide what picture I want to take. Maybe it means I take the kids someplace new. In the end I usually capture a pretty good memory. It may not be the photo of the century. But it usually ends up being something that is an integral part of our life.

    But there are times where even this doesn’t work and so I recommend checking out Katrina Kennedy’s website: . She has a variety of ways to keep you inspired throughout the year and probably a ton more tips about p365 than I could possibly share.
  4. You missed a day/week, now what?Life has a way of getting in the ways and you miss a day. Or even a week. My cousin has been trying out p365 this year as well. When one of her friends lost one of her premature twin babies she just couldn’t take pictures. She was grieving the loss and just couldn’t pick up the camera. And that is ok! Sometimes life happens. And if it does consider creating a small digital scrapbook page without pictures. Maybe journaling on what happened that caused you to not to take a picture. Or perhaps just create a completely white photo with the date on it and just write, “It just didn’t happen today” along with the date. There is no shame in missing a day. The important thing is that you enjoy it!
I hope you've found these things helpful and encouraging. I hope you come back in a few weeks when I talk about what to do with all these photos you have taken.

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