Monday, January 23, 2012

Project 365 recap: week3

I had a busy weekend with my mom visiting. So my apologies for the delay in getting week 3's recap up. Its also been a pretty tough week in our house. A lot of colds and fevers, headaches and coughs going around. I feel like we have been rotating sickness for awhile now and this week it seemed like all of us had a different cold. I will be thankful when all the runny noses stop! So here are my pictures. It was still a pretty fun week taking pictures, but I did find myself getting busy on some of the days and just needing to take some kind of picture. I am getting the first glimpses of how this can be difficult!

Day 15: Meri was feverish so she had to take a bath separate from her brother. Benjamin was really confused and a bit sad.

 Day 16: Fever still lingers. Meri was cold so she decided to put on a coat. It just makes sense...
 Day 17: Benjamin climbed up on the sink and helped himself to his toothbrush and was doing a pretty good job brushing his teeth!
 Day 18: Licking the beaters is one of the greatest things in life. Benjamin and his first beater :)
 Day 19: His favorite puppy had to be washed. It cannot be put in the dryer because the fur would be ruined(and I'm pretty sure the fur is why he loves it so much). So we spent 45 minutes blow-drying it just so he could take it to bed.
 Day 20: My little helper.
Day 21: Playing with her strawberry shortcake dolls.

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